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I uploaded a movie once. It was kinda decent.
I uploaded a game once. It wasn't too good.
I planned out a Mario & Luigi type game, got bored halfway through making it.
I planned out a Punch Out type game, and got bored halfway through making that too.

However, this time I'm actually gonna upload something new. This is yeeeears later, I actually have a decent amount of knowledge for Flash, enough to make a little larger scale of a game than previous.

This game is Not Marvel vs Not Capcom 2, a Marvel vs Capcom type game. Yep.

It's a fighting game based on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, made by Capcom for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Playstation Vita. I aim to recreate the sort of experience in that game but without character restrictions between Marvel and Capcom.
I got a few videos up on Youtube, if you're curious about it.

Showcase One
Showcase Two
An Introduction to NMvNC2

Each video in order has more progress than the last, the most recent version having even more worked on it than the last. I aim to have at least a beta finished sometime soon, and I'll be uploading it here.

Oh, if you're wondering what happened to Not Marvel vs Not Capcom 1, it's best it stayed off the internet, it was nowhere near as good, as well as extremely unfinished and glitchy.

Hello random internet people.

2009-11-02 04:36:43 by GreenTL

I dunno why i'd post something like this, but i pretty much gave up on the "punch out" idea. I MIGHT continue it, but that's a very slim chance.
I AM however, going to finish a different project, which will be a Mario and Luigi flash game.
I searched NG for a M&L flash game, and i couldn't find any, so i'm making one myself.


2009-05-18 06:21:27 by GreenTL

anybody reading this is really wasting their time.
but, if you really want to, i guess i'll put in a mention of a project i'm working on.
I'm working on a game which is gonna be a flash remake of the NES game "Punch-out!"
doing good progress actually, got the main character doing it's actions, now i need music, sound FX, enemies, and even the backround.
it's going good as i said, but be patient if you ARE waiting for it, because i just started.
this is GreenTL, signing out.