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2009-05-18 06:21:27 by GreenTL

anybody reading this is really wasting their time.
but, if you really want to, i guess i'll put in a mention of a project i'm working on.
I'm working on a game which is gonna be a flash remake of the NES game "Punch-out!"
doing good progress actually, got the main character doing it's actions, now i need music, sound FX, enemies, and even the backround.
it's going good as i said, but be patient if you ARE waiting for it, because i just started.
this is GreenTL, signing out.


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2009-05-18 08:27:24

Please tell me you have uppercuts.

GreenTL responds:

no uppercuts??? that's unheard of!
of COURSE there's uppercuts, remember, i'm trying to remake the game COMPLETELY, so nothing's left out.
also, thanks for the comment, i never thought anybody would actually bother to read this, let alone comment it.